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Which are the Worst Marriage Proposals?  

This can be very stressful for a man if everything goes wrong. It is important the fact that a man tried to impress her lady. But, also we must admit it, that if a proposal goes wrong, he will be remembered for something that he didn’t work properly. So, it is crucial to plan this event perfectly!

There are too many things that man need to pay attention to, for example, buying a certain ring, finding an ideal place etc. This is not an easy thing for them.

The Ranker site has published an article with the list of the worst marriage proposals.

The 14 Greatest Marriage Proposal FAILs of All Time

There are few things more entertaining than the heart-wrenching misery of other people. Some of the greatest moments in cringeworthy Internet videos can be found within the hundreds of videos of people being denied a fair maiden’s hand in marriage in some brutal, embarrassing, and public way. So, here are the best (worst?) videos of guys making terrible decisions with what’s supposed to be one of the greatest moments of their life (leading to what is probably the worst moment of their life).

14.Guy’s Proposal Goes Overboard

Romantic gestures are no match for open bodies of water. It’s a lesson Wisconsinite Shane learned after trying to propose to his girlfriend on a paddle boat in the Wisconsin River. Shane prepped for the big event by inviting his girlfriend, Cheri, and a few friends onto the water. Once out there, he told Cheri to look over at the shore, where more friends stood with signs that said “Will you marry me?” Unfortunately, Cheri’s excited answer caught Shane a little off-guard. During the proposal, she inadvertently knocked the ring out of Shane’s shaking hands and into the water. The couple searched for two days, but couldn’t find it. Lucky for Shane, Cheri agreed to get engaged anyway. Unluckily for Shane, he’s got to shell out for another ring. Read the full article here.

Every girl imagines a proposal moment entire their life and they have a high expectation of this. So, it is up to every man to make this event memorable. But, as we saw in the previous article, that is not always the case, and there are a lot of situations where girls would rather forget the whole thing.  Anne Sewell has written an article about the situation where a boyfriend proposes his girl by putting a ring in a chicken sandwich.

Worst Proposal Ever? Man Puts Ring In Chicken Sandwich, Girlfriend Cries VIDEO

There are some really romantic ways to propose to your girlfriend, but this guy came up with the worst proposal ever. He asked her to marry him with a ring tucked inside a chicken sandwich at a drive-thru McDonald’s. Needless to say this marriage proposal failure did not go down well.

Joseph Ann came up with the idea to propose to his girlfriend by placing a sparkling engagement ring inside a chicken sandwich. He had apparently even told her family and their friends what he was going to do and, for some reason, no one told him what an incredibly bad idea this was.

He picked up his girlfriend for an evening out and asked her if she was hungry, as he wanted to quickly pick up something to eat. They pull into a McDonald’s drive thru and he orders some food. Read the full article here.

If you are planning something spectacular you need to be really sure that you have planned every little detail very carefully. You need to double check everything. Also, you have to find a perfect ring! That is very important for every woman. Check this halo setting scalloped pave split shank band princess diamond engagement ring and decide if would be appropriate for the event.

Brooke Walsh

Brooke Walsh

I'm passionate about music and cooking. Also my dog is named after a Superhero.
Brooke Walsh
Brooke Walsh

Brooke Walsh

I'm passionate about music and cooking. Also my dog is named after a Superhero.

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