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How To Maintain Your Beard

We do not want to make it seem like rocket science to have a beard, it takes really only little basic knowledge and some few products and tools.

We have made a guide for you so that you can in an easy way to find the right products and get some knowledge at the same time. Not bad eh?

1. Wash your beard!

Many just use regular shampoo or soap into his beard. It is not as good as the beard often need more care and moisture than the hair on his head.

The beard sitting in the front row when you eat so it is easy for the ports leftovers beard. After a night out with the guys, it’s hard to avoid getting a splash of beer there also. Therefore, cleaning A and O.

Wash beard with a facial scrub and a beard shampoo. We recommend that you use a shampoo that is tailored to the beard in order to get the best results, at least irritation and a scented beard.

You can of course use any facial scrubs you want, but we recommend that the Njord.

2. Remember balm!

Beard may have a tendency to work hard and rough in texture. You can easily obtain a professional and smooth performance using a balm to his beard.

It feels namely better to soften some time to time. This causes your beard to see Occupational out and at the same time feel absolutely fantastic – and last but not least, smell good.

We recommend a beard conditioner from Beardsley that fits perfectly with skäggschampot that is mentioned earlier in this article.

3. Moisturize with beards oil!

It is natural for a man to take care of his beard. Therefore, you should spend time to let it grow properly and use the best products to make the beard neat and attractive. With a tidy full beard, it is only one thing left: the scent.

When you come out of the shower and your beard is still slightly damp so we recommend using a beard oil to your full beard. This will make your beard smells good, while it helps to soften the beard so that it does not dry out. We recommend our best selling beard oil from Beard Fire.

Brooke Walsh

Brooke Walsh

I'm passionate about music and cooking. Also my dog is named after a Superhero.
Brooke Walsh
Brooke Walsh

Brooke Walsh

I'm passionate about music and cooking. Also my dog is named after a Superhero.

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