Clues to inclusive and cognitive education

INCLUES - Ro - Romania, UBB- Universitatea Babes-Bolyai


UBB- Universitatea Babes-Bolyai

Name in English

Babes-Bolyai University - Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Department of Psychology Hungarian Line of Study

legal status

State University


Kogalniceanu street, no 1, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Telephone & fax


Contact person & function

Szamosközi István


E-mail & webaddress

size a) personnel

1125 ( department: 15; involved in network: 8)

Size (b) learners

32 000


The faculty and the department have expertise in
•  under graduate training in psychology and special education, research focusing on cognitive development, dynamic assessment and inclusive education
•  Development of distance leraning courses and learning materials for professionals
•  Supporting children in inclusive education, including the provision of training to teachers, schools and education authorities.
•  Provison of graduate education for professionals in special education
•  Edition of scientific journal (Transylvanian Journal of Psychology)

experience local,

national with project management



trans-national experience

•  1998-1999 PHARE Multy-Country distance Learning Program DE97/059
•  local co-ordinator of Project Tempus, 1992-1995 (Partners: Be, Fr , UK )


local Co-ordinator of the Project INSIDE with Norway , UK , Belgium (development of materials and courses in cognitive education for children with learning difficulties) - COMENIUS 57174-cp-3-2000-1-NO-COMENIUS-C31; organiser and host of 2 summer courses (2000 and 2001), translation of teachers' materials

specific tasks

editing special issue on dynamic assessment and publication of int. Conference proceedings
training of teachers in cognitive activation methods and inclusion
Evaluation of courses will be carried out, based on pre and post data gathering. Data will be processed.
Project dissemination
Results of evaluation will be analysed and papers will be published
Transnational cooperation
•  participation at 4 transnational meetings
•  UBB sends one person to training in dynamic assessment.
•  UBB will host one international meeting with 7 participants
•  UBB will host Dr. Jo Lebeer, for the duration of two courses

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