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Non-Invasive Rhinoplasty Includes Little Downtime

Rhinoplasty and nose revision at Westlake Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa can be a quick and easy procedure, done with precision and exceptional skill at Westlake Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa. Non-invasive rhinoplasty means very little downtime after the procedure and can often have you back to your regular routine the next day. See how easy it is to have subtle shaping to the nose through safe non-invasive rhinoplasty in Ohio by consulting with Dr. Steven Goldman – Westlake Plastic Surgery non surgical rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty Vs. Operation

There are several benefits to revision rhinoplasty in Westlake which supersede the complexities of invasive surgeries. In many cases, if a patient is seeking a more balanced and symmetrical nose, it may only require a series of small injections with filler compounds rather than a total reconstructive overhaul of the nose. For instance, injectable fillers such as Restylane and Dysport are derived from natural, non-allergenic bacteria which bind to the skin’s water molecules. This creates a plumping or volumizing effect. Also used in facial revision procedures to smooth out wrinkles and reduce signs of aging, it has several very common applications to non-invasive revision rhinoplasty in Westlake:

* Smooth out dorsal humps (bumps on the nose)
* Redirect the tip of the nose; lift up, turn or center
* Widen thin areas or balance uneven structures

Revision rhinoplasty in Ohio covers these very common reasons for considering cosmetic nose surgery. It should be noted that these are additive procedures, and the effect is not permanent. Usually, the injectable filler is effective for 6 to 9 months, after which they will simply subside and absorb naturally into the body. Less than 1% of rhinoplasty have reported side effects from additive revision treatments. For subtractive procedures, such as shortening or shaving the bridge of the nose, or reducing nostril circumference, more traditional surgical methods should be discussed.

Call Cleveland Ohio’s Westlake Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa for a consultation appointment to see if you’re a candidate for Ohio revision rhinoplasty, and experience the latest sensation in safe and efficient outpatient cosmetic procedures.

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Natural health improvement – the art of chiropractic

Chiropractic is known for it`s surgery free and drug free method of pain relief. Pain can be caused by some repetitive stress (sitting without a quality back support), or by a traumatic event like falling. Even sleeping in an uncomfortable bed or in a wrong position can cause you a pain. By manipulating the spine just with the help of their hands, chiropractors are trying to encourage natural body healing without any drug or surgery. If you consider the fact that almost 22 million Americans visit chiropractors (annually), because they just want to get rid of the pain caused by sport injuries or accidents, read the following lines to find out why is this treatment method very effective and why more and more people enjoy the benefits of chiropractics.

Although widely criticized by many mainstream physicians, chiropractic remains a well known and accepted form of traditional medical treatment. Some of the most common misconceptions about chiropractors is their knowledge and training. After undergoing rigorous training courses, they are licensed and certified under individual state licensing board. They are special trained for treating neck and back pain, but they also have very high success rate with headache problems and migrens, arm and leg problems, digestive disorder or arthritic changes. Once you find a chiropractor that you can trust completely, you will firstly have to make an appointment. After taking your medical history, chiropractician will perform a physical examination, and maybe will run few lab tests in order to determine what kind of treatment is the most appropriate one. You will go through a variety of assessments of your bod, including the testing of your flexibility, muscle strength, nerve conduction, joint health and other functions. A chiropractor may require a contact with your doctor in order to know everything about the care you are already receiving. We are specialized for a neck pain treatment and you should definitely visit them if:

• Stiffness of your neck gets worse day after day.

• Your pain is so intense that painkillers are the only solution some days.

• You first felt pain only in the neck, but now you`re feeling numbness in your hands.

• You`re waking up with very painful neck, but while you make it through the day, pain slowly goes away.

These unpleasant and painful conditions are usually caused by:

• Consistently poor posture (lack of appropriate back support).

• Holding your neck in an awkward position (while sleeping)

• Flat pillow that doesn’t provide you good support.

• You had a car accident which caused a trauma for your neck.

There are different forms of chiropractic, but they all include you lie on a table designed for this purpose only. Depending on the situation, your chiropractor can decide to use electrical stimulation, employ massage or use ultrasound. People usually describe the process of adjusting their necks, hips or lower spine as a ˝pooping˝ sensation that bring relief to a painful area. If you`re not sure whether you should visit a chiropractor or not, ask your doctor for an advice, but when you finally decide to do, contact us and find out how to help yourself.

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Comedians Raising Awareness For Mental Health

comics show up for mentally disabled

How Comedians Came Together To Help Young People Affected By Mental Health


Geoff, a high school student had managed to hide his depression even from his closest peers. Consequently his death in August 2015 through suicide happened to be a great shock and grief to his family, school mates and peers. At a number of counseling sessions that followed after Geoff’s death, a number of young people confessed that they were struggling with depression and poor mental health. This ranged right from being anxious to a more stern state of poor mental status. However, just like Geoff most of these young people looked fine outwardly.

It is projected that 10-20% of American youth are affected by mental disorder or illness as youth suicide rate is emerging as a major cause of death in the industrialized world. This is gradually threatening the lives of our children and youth. Depression and poor mental health especially among high school and college students is an epidemic in the United States that requires redress. These youthful people need to feel comfortable sharing their feelings.

One ways of engaging these youthful people has been through humour and laughter. Comedy has been used as a powerful approach to combating stigma, reduce stress, suicide as well as depression by making such young people laugh and get engaged. Humor is also used to reach to different people by helping them to open up and share situations in their lives. This is because it assists to break the stigma as the affected people find out that they can relate to someone in certain ways and have conversations with them.

It is incredible to see comedians come together to encourage young people from all walks of life to reflect, share, learn, and engage with others on all matters concerning mental health. How awesome it is to see comedy being used to give people affected by mental health a powerful voice. This has been achieved through organized comedy events aimed at reaching out to a number of youth who are affected by mental illness and depression. Through such events comedians have spared some time out of their busy schedule to bring their uplifting, hilarious, and at times, heart wrenching jokes.

These events have also engaged mental health counselors who together with the comedians have helped the young people to open up, share their lives and get transformed, hence gaining self-esteem. These has seen a number of school children, high school and college students shift from a state of despair to hope and self-esteem, something necessary to such individuals battling with adversity. Since these comedians launched such events the response has been overwhelming. We have received great testimonies from students and young people who have been transformed.

Through such innovative ideas comedians believe that if we are able to spare someone, a family or a community the agony, helplessness, anguish and the immeasurable loss that suicidal death brings, then we can bring out a noble will from this horribly miserable condition. Whenever you want to hire top comedians for uplifting, hilarious, and clean but heart wrenching laughter the best place to check is at LOL agency. They will help you get your desired comedian for a corporate, private, Christian, a family event or a nightclub gig.

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